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Donate to a Good Cause


This effort is intended for the good of people and not our own financial enrichment. That said, we are not without great financial need ourselves in respect to finances. While operating this effort, among others, we are not making ends meet (though we have no stresses thanks to the Lord). Your support here would help the growth of this site, and also help us to create an important charity operated by an ordained priest sincere in Christ - for the housing of the homeless and mentally ill, recovering addicts and prisoners in need of a halfway house into a rehabilitated life; for the aid of those just going through a tough time and for Orthodox Christian spiritual discovery, learning and healing of all who find us. Any amount is welcomed, needed and appreciated. 

We will keep your donation anonymous if you like, but if you want to share your info, we will classify donations as such:
  1. Guardian Angels: $10,000+
  2. Arch Angels: $5,000
  3. Angels: $1,000
  4. Saints: $500
  5. Friends: $100
  6. Supporters: ___

Please note that while your aid is charitable, needed and greatly appreciated, we are not a formally organized charity.