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Blessed Incense

Frankincense Incense



Our Blessed Frankincense Incense comes in gum resin form for burning on charcoals. Our Frankincense incense has been blessed in an Eastern Orthodox Church or monastery. Frankincense incense may be used in the blessing of homes and during regular prayers.

Myrrh Incense



Our Blessed Myrrh Incense is in natural and organic form and may be used in an incense burner for the blessing of homes and in prayer services. Our myrrh incense was properly blessed in an Eastern Orthodox Church or monastery.

Sage Incense



Our Blessed Sage Incense comes in natural form and can be used as incense in a proper charcoal burner for the cleansing of homes and in prayer. Our Sage Incense has been blessed in proper Easter Orthodox Church services.

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