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Miracle of Damascus - Our Lady of Soufanieh

Miracle of Damascus


We believe the Miracle of Damascus has been verified by the Christian (Greek) Orthodox Church and also the Roman Catholic Church, though we will confirm these to be facts and report so here later.

The Miracle of Damascus - Our Lady of Soufanieh

The Miracle of Damascus centers around a Syrian girl named Mary (called Myrna) who has had visions of the Virgin Mary the Theotokos and our Lord Jesus Christ since 1982. Pure olive oil flows miraculously from a small icon of the Virgin Mary in the home and also from copies of the icon regularly. It flows as well from the hands, face, eyes and entire body of the girl Myrna. The Virgin Mary, the Mother of God, gives instruction to Myrna to pass on to all she can. Our Lord Jesus Christ also speaks to Myrna and provides her with specific messages for humanity. These messages center on God's hope for unity for his church and for all his people.

The Miracle of Damascus is an active event that is happening to this day. It is one of our favorite miracles here, for it fills our hearts with warmth to know that our Lord Jesus Christ and Mary Mother of God are actively involved in our current generation and that miracles are occuring so regularly in Damascus. However, remember, that God is with us always and everywhere, and miracles are available to you who pray with faith and heart wherever you may be. Also remember that every icon is the same, though the Lord allows some to actively illustrate his presence in our world.