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Evening Prayers


Evening prayers serve several purposes, and individual purposes for each person. The most common purpose is likely derived from a fear of the dark and of the unconscious state, or our vulnerability when unconscious or sleeping. Thus, the most common purpose for evening prayers is for our protection upon our bed of rest, for our safekeeping through the night, and for the security of our families and our homes.


We offer here the evening prayers published within the New Testament of the Bible of the Christian Orthodox Church. The Eastern Orthodox Church (Greek Orthodox, Russian Orthodox, etc.) is the least changed church since Jesus Christ, thus lending to the word "orthodoxy" within its moniker. We expect that Catholic evening prayers are not much different, if different at all, as many of the evening prayers we offer here were written by saints shared by both churches. You'll also find here several prayers from Saint Basil and Saint Makarios the Great, among others.